Born in Manhattan and now based in Brooklyn, NY, Matthew Sprung is a self-taught figurative expressionist currently working toward an MFA at the School of The Art Institute of Chicago. His work aims to channel the immediacy of Abstract Expressionism into figuration that considers political and autobiographical subject matter. After some years with photography, Sprung switched over to painting in 2016 and his practice has since evolved into two main focuses, American politics and his life, with the aim of showing the tension of living within and between this outside influence and personal freedom. Following the examples of New York, London, and German Expressionists, the gestural brushwork and frenzied movement on the canvas attempt to capture sensations of urgency and immediacy through a felt presence, relying on the application, color, and movement of the paint alone.


MFA Candidate 2021, School of The Art Institute of Chicago, Painting & Drawing Department

Artist-Run Gallery Participation